AZ Math Tutor’s preparation for session:

-   Teacher Contact (If necessary)

     *  Determine teacher requirements and                     suggestions for improved grades

     * Obtain course pacing guide or project                          


     *  Determine online support

 -  Gather practice and diagnostic material for the session from AZ supplies

 -    Maintain monthly  

      AZ progress report    

       upon request

Initial Meeting:

     -  Design custom course of instruction

         Word problems only, we can do that!                        

         Help with a history paper, we can do that!

    -    Notebook instruction         

       (If the curriculum chosen requires it, the

      student is given a notebook and instructed

         on to properly take notes.)

  -  Parent permission to contact school.                

       ( For those looking to increase grades or              follow the school curriculum.)

Student Session:  (will vary upon student need)

For a “school” curriculum:

-  Note Book Review

 - Homework help with emphasis

       on using notes.

- Next Lesson instruction  or  Basic skill                          remediation/practice

The Process for students under 18 years of age



Every AZ Tutors room has a window that allows parents to  observe their children whenever they like. 

AZ Math Tutors serves Morris county including Morristown, Morris Plains, Randolph, Denville, Parsippany-Troy,  Rockaway, Roxbury, Mt. Olive, and Chester