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 AZ Math Tutors Specializes in...
CUSTOMIZING lessons to meet individual needs.                                    
DECREASING the FEAR and frowns of working with Math or English, eliminating mental blocks,
         increasing performance and smiles.
Teaching HOW to learn the subject of your choice.
Providing MEMORY AIDES such as songs or stories as needed.
Improving the UNDERSTANDING of concepts and the ability to build upon them.
Improving basic SKILLS by weaving them into a curriculum, not taking away from one.
Working WITH CLASSROOM TEACHERS to provide material that  IMPROVING GRADES  rapidly.
LISTENING to the concerns of both the parent and the student, making them the primary target of lesson plans.

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  AZ Math Tutors provides help with SAT/ACT, ASVAB, GED, Math, English, Science, and General Test Anxiety.  Specific subjects covered include basic arithmetic, algebra,   geometry, trigonometry, calculus and beyond, as well as all levels of social studies, science, and  English (including research and basic report papers ).  AZ Math Tutors is also able to teach math courses in Spanish and is offering conversational Spanish courses.

    AZ Math Tutors offers help to adult students revisiting math for the first time in years.       Understanding, encouraging, and patient explanations of material is provided.  What was once difficult can become easy with initial effort and practice.

 AZ Math Tutors serves Morris county including Morristown, Morris Plains, Randolph, Denville, Parsippany-Troy,  Rockaway, Roxbury, Mt. Olive, and Chester. The Tutors at AZ, are licensed teachers, many with  Master Degrees in Education.       


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Teaching Philosophy - Math

    Many students try to learn math the same way they learn other subjects, memorization. Granted, there are formulas and rules in math that need to be memorized, but math is more like a sport than anything else. In a sport, such as basketball, the rules of the game need to be memorized and the techniques used to play the game must be learned. Yet, to be good at it, the game needs to be understood and techniques practiced. No player can memorize what to do in every given scenario.  Players must be able to make decisions on the situation at hand based on the rules they learned and the techniques available to them.  And, like basketball, the only way to really improve is to learn from mistakes. A missed basket needs to be analyzed to learn what  adjustments need to be made. Similarly, incorrect math questions need to be reviewed so that mistakes can be avoided.

     Another similarity to sports and math is the advancement to higher levels. Success at each level of sport, the varsity team for example, is dependent on the knowledge and skills learned at previous levels.  In order for high school students to be successful in math they must have strong middle school and even elementary school math foundations. 

      AZ Math Tutors focuses on the concepts of UNDERSTANDING the game of math;  Enabling and encouraging students to MAKE  DECISIONS; strengthening basic skills needed to succeed without distracting from current lessons; and preparing  students to be successful in the next course level.  Like a coach, AZ Math Tutors will do its best to instill a love of the game, a love of math…. Or at least a good feeling about it.

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Individualized instruction to meet individual needs.   Half hour, hourly, frequent learner and family rates available.

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